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What you get:

Besides the extras of the internet phone  report, AND the mystery shopper information.

You will get a user name and password to enter our member web site of   "clickable links", with all of the information listed in the previous page and detailed below.

The web sites referred to from our password protected web site, is information that we have obtained on the Internet, after months of research, and the cost of the information is meant to cover the overhead, research, and indexing. We truly hope that the sales volume warrants keeping the price down.

Free updates - we do not outdate

Unlike books, tapes, and instructional courses, our web sites are constantly updated with new and updated information. If a phone number or address changes, you will have it.

Didn't you used to send out a diskette?

Yes we did. The cost of printing, and putting together booklets of information, made it unreasonable for us to offer this extensive information for a such a low cost. So we were sending out the information on a diskette, along with a "secret site" that contained new and continuing information.

Now we have put the same information on our password entry web site. This way we can add our updates, and new information, directly into the indexing, and eliminates the need for a separate update page.

What if I have Web TV or a Mac?

If you are reading this, you can access everything. The main contributing factor to change to a protected web site, was the increasing Web TV owners, that do not have a disk drive.

Are Internet links better than books and reports ?

Sure, books outdate. The web sites that you are linked to are constantly updated. So you are insured of always having the new information, and any changes in addresses and phone numbers.

Do all States have Tax Lien Sales?

Absolutely not. There are about 30 States that do, Other States have a Tax Defaulted Sale, which means that you are buying the property at the sale.

Some states offer a period of redemption after these Tax Defaulted Sales, for the past owner to reclaim their property, and some do not. This is where some confusion comes into play. For example, Texas pays 25% penalty during this 6 month period if it is reclaimed, but this is not a TLC.

California does not offer TLC's, but they have Tax Defaulted Sales. with no redemption period. I have received a lot of e-mail recently, asking about this, so I hope that this helps to clarify this.

The following link, has the results of a recent tax sale including the minimum bid, and the final sale price:

Click here to get this information:

What else does it contain?

The information, and linkable information found on this protected web site, has taken extensive time, and research, both on the internet and the library systems.

A summary of the information, that we have found. This will help you decide if this is for you, or not. It contains all of the negative information that we could find on this subject. We believe that you should have both sides to the story, not just the positive one to sell you a course.

An update to new links, and information that we periodically find.

Links to other ways to invest.

A link to:

Addresses and phone numbers of all counties known to us in the 50 States, Who to contact, and how to get on the mailing list, (if available). This information alone, is worth more than the price of this offer.

Numerous, but not all, auction dates, locations, contacts, statutes, property databases of the properties involved in TLC's and tax defaulted properties, for some states

How to buy TLC's by mail, and also TLC investment groups

Interest rates offered.

What percent are redeemed in the first 6 months ? 1 year ? 3 years ? Etc.

Bidding rules, instructions, procedures, and laws, from some TLC, and tax deed states.

And Much, Much, More:

Including the name of a national guide to county and city agencies, where tax liens are recorded, and other books on this subject, including authors, prices, where you can get them, what they contain, and where you can look at some for free.

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