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   Be a Mystery Shopper

!! INCLUDED EXTRA !! (A $29.95 value)

over a hundred contacts absolutely free, that service many companies each

Imagine getting paid to shop

Imagining getting paid to eat.

on your time schedule

You can get paid $10, $20, and even $40 just for shopping at your favorite stores, eating at your favorite restaurants, enjoying the latest movie at your nearby theatre, and even for making purchases online.

Guess what else - you keep all the stuff you buy,  while getting paid to buy them.  WoW.

I have heard about this for years, and maybe you have also, but never knew who to contact, or how to get started. Well I found out, and now we are going to send this valuable information to you, absolutely free with your order.

This is terrific for someone going to school, a busy mother, for extra income, or whatever, because you can work this nights and weekends if you want.


Hold on to your hat, cause we are going to include with your order, over a hundred contacts absolutely free, that service many companies each, or even the companies themselves like Wal-Mart.

Secret shoppers are people who visit businesses posing as customers, evaluate the service they receive, and complete an evaluation form. Business owners and managers use these reports to insure their employees are practicing good selling techniques and providing quality service to their customers.

You do not have to send any money to anyone, for processing you application, or for any more information. There is no obligation and there is no cost, ever. These Sites are broken into "USA only" and "International" companies. It's best to sign up with all of these companies, and many have online sign up forms.

Included also, is the Mystery Shopping Bulletin Board where companies will post their most immediate needs. There's also information regarding what companies other shoppers have used. Who pays on time and who does not. A great way to learn from those who are already doing this.

retail store chains, convenient store chains, gas stations, restaurants, fast food shops, movie theaters, airports, casinos, grocery, liquor stores, bar, hotel, health club, airport, golf course.

Get up whenever YOU want to.

Take the kids, a friend, does not matter as long as you do your  “job”. Then just go home, fill out an online form on the site that the company provides which you will evaluate your experiences, or just email the report to them.

There are hundreds and hundreds of companies that use the service companies that you will have access to, both in the U.S., Canada and some other countries.

This is a great information, even if you are not interested, as you may know someone that would just love to do it.